“ Thank you so much for the opportunity. I learned so much about myself and now feel like a much happier and content person. For the first time in a very long time I feel excited about what the future holds and also feel in control of my own life – this is all down to GivingTime. I cannot thank you enough” Student, University, 2016


“It’s an eye opening experience that gives you the skill to be able to ask yourself questions and solve all of your problems more efficiently” Student, Year 10, 2016


“GivingTime helped me work out solutions to problems in my life and therefore it has allowed me to be more thoughtful and confident” Student, Year 10, 2016


“If you want to push your coaching forward, learn more about working with and unlocking the potential of a younger generation and really make an impact, GivingTime is for you. The time commitment is manageable, the supervision support is excellent and the programme makes real progress with the individual in a short space of time”. Coach, 2016


“The coaching helped improve the student’s confidence in approaching exams and studies. It helped them to stay motivated, a positive outlook and focused on the future” School, 2016


“I have become more motivated because of these sessions, allowing me to achieve more goals” Student, Year 12, 2016