GivingTime’s purpose is to support young people to start their transition from education into the workplace with confidence and a clear sense of who they are and what matters to them.

We do this by pairing young people (aged 14-24yrs) with experienced coaches who contribute their time for free.

GivingTime offers a 1-1 coaching programme of up to 6 one-hour coaching sessions over the period of one school term.

Through coaching, young people learn about their strengths, the importance of their actions and start to discover their own values and beliefs. This enables them to become more self-aware, confident and able to find their own answers in life.

In return, the young people commit to at least 6 volunteer hours to a cause that matters to them and their community.

GivingTime aims to support these outcomes:

Young people are empowered to discover their own resourcefulness and get clarity on what matters to them in their lives.

Young people learn to connect to and relate to others from different generations and backgrounds and what it means to give their time for another. Young people also learn to connect to themselves, their values and beliefs.

Young people start to contribute to something that is bigger than themselves outside the home or workplace and make a difference in their community.

Time is our currency
There is no cost for participating in the GivingTime programme. Our currency is ‘time’, so we ask that coaches give their time for free, and that young people give their time to volunteer.  To support the programme, we ask the school to help the young people keep to scheduled appointments and complete their volunteering activities.

To find out more about the impact of the GivingTime programme, take a look at some examples of our work in practice here