GivingTime is a coaching and volunteering charity that provides free professional coaching to adolescent students in return for volunteering hours.

Our purpose is to support students to make the transition from education into the workplace.

We partner with UK secondary state schools to offer adolescent students up to six one to one professional coaching sessions.

In return for the coaching, students commit to at least 6 volunteer hours to a cause that matters to them and their community.

Time is our currency
There is no cost for participating in the GivingTime programme. Our currency is ‘time’, so we ask that coaches give their time for free, and that students give their time to volunteer.  To support the programme, we ask the school to help their students keep to scheduled appointments and complete their volunteering activities.


GivingTime Priorities:

  • Coaching 
    Through coaching, students are empowered to discover their own resourcefulness, learn about their strengths, values and beliefs and discover the importance of their actions. Coaching enables them to become more self-aware, confident and able to find their own answers in life.
  • Connection
    GivingTime students learn to connect and relate to others from different generations and backgrounds. They experience first hand what it means to give their time to benefit another person and they also learn to connect to themselves.
  • Contribution
    GivingTime students start to contribute to something that is bigger than themselves outside the home or workplace and make a difference in their community.

GivingTime Aims

  • Work readiness
    Preparing students for the world of work, online and in person.
  • Civic responsibility and community building
    Promoting greater connectedness and community building through volunteering and partnerships.
  • Promoting mental wellbeing
    Providing the space for personal expression and developing greater self-awareness in students to enable improved life choices.

To find out more about the impact of the GivingTime programme, take a look at some examples of our work in practice here