The GivingTime programme is based on the exchange of ‘time’, bringing greater understanding, connection and contribution in the world.  In return for the coaching, young people volunteer their time to causes which are meaningful for them.

Here are just a few examples of the fabulous ways that GivingTime young people have given back to their communities….

Student A, 2015
Total volunteering hours; 8
Student A volunteered to collect money for Marie Curie at Heathrow Terminal and volunteered to be a mentor for younger pupils at school.

“The volunteering for Marie Curie has given me communication skills as I am more able to approach people and talk to them. I also developed essential teamwork skills because I had to work as a team with a group of people that I had just met. Peer reading (at school) has allowed me to improve my attention skills and has demonstrated the level of commitment I am willing to show”

Student B, 2015
Total volunteering hours; 10
Student B Planned and ran a series of Global Health workshops for other year 10 students.

“My learning was planning, leadership and communication skills”

Student C, 2016
Total volunteering hours; 6
Student C volunteered time at Ballet4Life (Moving to Wellbeing) – a ballet class for people suffering from physical illnesses including Parkinson’s disease.

“I physically and emotionally supported members. I’ve learned that although I am terrible at dancing, I am very patient. I get on well with most people and have learned that I take a positive attitude even when faced with challenging situations”

Student D, 2016
Total volunteering hours; 4
Student D volunteered at a local Oxfam shop for 1 hour per week.

“From the volunteering experience I have improved my communication skills and allowed me to more easily work as part of a team. I was able to adapt to a different environment to what I am used to and I have learnt to manage my time effectively to help in the best ways I can. I am planning to continue the volunteering to better myself further”