What is GivingTime?

GivingTime is a non-profit social enterprise which provides free Coaching to young people in return for volunteering hours. GivingTime is able to be sustained on a very limited budget as the currency is time.

Are GivingTime coaches trained?

Yes, all the Coaches for GivingTime have been trained in ICF or AC competency based coach training and receive continuous supervision and professional development to support their client work. They all adhere to the ICF or AC code of ethics. All GivingTime coaches must obtain a DBS certificate (participating schools organise this for the coaches)

How many students can have coaching?

The average number of students per cohort from each school is 10, but there is no limit to the number of students who receive coaching, as long as there are sufficient Coaches available and that the school is able to check-in with the students to remind them of coaching appointments and to see how the coaching is going.

How do you select students?

Students (years 10-13) are invited by the school to attend a short presentation about GivingTime and a coaching demonstration. Interested and motivated students apply via the website. The application forms with the best volunteering plans (greatest learning opportunity for the students and greatest impact on others) will be prioritized for coaching places and matched with a GivingTime coach.

How can I become a GivingTime Coach?

Sign up, complete your profile and, subject to DBS checks and coaching qualifications, we will match you to a school near your chosen coaching location.

How do you select Coaches? 

Coaches are selected on the basis of coaching competence, their motive for volunteering their time to coach young people and what they hope to gain from the experience.

Who is GivingTime for?

  • Young people who show an interest in learning for themselves and have a positive and open mindset.
  • Young people, who will invest time for the coaching sessions, participate actively and take any agreed action between sessions.
  • Young people who are committed to give their own time to make a difference in their local community
  • We do not accept vulnerable young people for GivingTime.

What is coaching?

  • In coaching, the young person is the expert in their life and the coach supports them to find their own answers, so that the young person takes responsibility and action.
  • The coach supports the young person to set their own goals and design the steps to reach them.
  • Coaching is confidential, non-judgmental (no treatment or therapy is given), and based on mutual trust and respect.
  • Coaching is not the same as mentoring, where the mentor shares the benefit of their experience and provides guidance. The coach will not give the young person answers or direct them.

What does GivingTime Coaching Cost?

As the young people are giving their time to volunteer, there will be no costs for participating in GivingTime.

As the coaches are giving their time for free, we ask the young people to make every effort to attend scheduled appointments. In the event that a young person fails to attend an appointment without prior notice that coaching session will be forfeited.

Where does GivingTime coaching take place?

GivingTime coaching takes place in office venues to give the young people the experience of being in an office environment which could prove useful when they come to attend interviews. The coaching itself, takes place in open spaces within those office environments. All office locations have to provide an up to date Health & Safety policy to participate in GivingTime.

What measures do you take to safeguard the young people?

All coaches have DBS checks before they can work with under 18s. In addition safeguarding training is provided at the mandatory coaches briefing. The principal form of commication between student and coach is via the website.

Which other organisations do you work with?

GivingTime works with various partner organisations including charities which can help with providing volunteering opportunities and Spark! which provides support with safeguarding queries.

What happens if something goes wrong during the coaching?

If the student feels uncomfortable with anything then they should contact their sponsoring teacher who will then liaise with the lead coach for the school.

Can I use GivingTime coaching hours for my accreditation log?

This depends on the accrediting body. As the young people are volunteering in return for being coached, GivingTime believes that the coaching hours can be classified as “paid hours” for accreditation purposes rather pro-bono hours. The ultimate decision will lie with the individual accrediting bodies.

Who supervises the Coaches?

Coach supervisors are experienced coaches who have received additional training to lead supervision sessions. The GivingTime supervisors have very generously agreed to give their time for free to help to develop the GivingTime coaches and enhance the experience for the coaches and young people.

Who do I contact if I have technical issues?

Email us at hello@givingtime.org.uk