GivingTime’s purpose is to support young people to start their transition from education into the workplace with confidence and a clear sense of who they are and what matters to them.

We partner with Schools to offer young people a 1-1 coaching programme of up to 6 one-hour coaching sessions over the period of one school term.

In return, the young people commit to at least 6 volunteer hours to a cause that matters to them and their community.

How it works

– Register your School and arrange for a follow up meeting with a GivingTime coach leader. The GivingTime coach leader will agree the number of students, timings and deliver a coaching demonstration at your School.

– Once you’ve met your GivingTime coach leader, invite students to submit application forms, including their volunteering plans and how they will carry out their volunteering.
– The Students are matched to experienced Coaches and sessions confirmed online

– Coaching takes place over a period of one school term at verified locations
– Volunteering starts before the coaching and continues throughout the coaching period

– Coaching and Volunteering is completed
– Students submit their volunteering report and Schools feed back for the next programme