GivingTime’s purpose is to support young people to start their transition from education into the workplace with confidence and a clear sense of who they are and what matters to them.

We partner with Schools to offer young people a 1-1 coaching programme of up to 6 one-hour coaching sessions over the period of one school term.

In return, the young people commit to at least 6 volunteer hours to a cause that matters to them and their community.

How it works

– Register your details with us
– Once you have been contacted by a GivingTime coach leader, you can login online and complete your Coach Profile

– As part of your profile, you will be asked to enter your coaching location and coaching availability as well as details of your coach training, number of hours of coaching completed and your motivation to coach young people through GivingTime
– You will then be matched to a School in the location, with whom you will complete your DBS checks (if you do not already have a valid DBS certificate)

– Once your DBS checks are complete, you will be asked to go through the coaches induction briefing
– Your coach leader will match you with a coachee, and appointments can then be scheduled online

– Coaching dates and times are agreed online with the coachee and coaching commences!
– Once all coaching engagements are completed, we ask that you complete a post coaching feed back online.

Interested in becoming a GivingTime coach? Tale a look at some of the benefits of our programme here